Black Tree Electric Wax Burner

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Black Tree Electric Wax Melter

Choose from an array of coloured light options on this stunning, colour changing LED oil burner and wax warmer. A detailed, black tree silhouette is beautifully showcased with a variety of colour mode settings. Compatible with both fragrance oil and wax melts. On/off switch. Light can scroll though different colours automatically or can be set on a particular colour. To scroll through the colour settings simply continue to click the on and off switch. We recommend waiting a couple of seconds between each click.

To use, place on a level and heat resistant surface before placing oil or wax melts in a glass dish and plugging in the burner. Unplug when not in use and let cool completely before moving or cleaning glass dish with warm, soapy water.

Electrical safety tested. Class 2 equipment, European conformity, 230 voltage, frequency 50Hz, power 25W. Do not use near water.

Please Note:- The replacement bulb that we sell is not compatible with this burner.


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