Vapour Rub Wax Melts

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Vapour Rub Wax Tarts

Refreshing eucalyptus and camphor blend with wintergreen and citrus similar in scent to the popular menthol based nasal decongestant scent.

    • Hand made in Hampshire, UK
    • Mini Snap Bar 50g 
    • Snap Bars packaged in biodegradable cellophane
    • Cruelty-Free 
    • Vegan Product

How to Use

Place one scented wax cube into the well of your wax burner. Light an unscented 4-hour tealight underneath and enjoy the incredible scent. We recommend burning your wax melts for four hours at a time. Each melt can provide up to 10 hours of beautiful fragrance and can be melted and re-melted until the fragrance has gone. Fragrance times do vary between scents. These wax melts can also be used with electric wax burners.


Contains: L-LIMONENE


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