What Tea Lights Should I use For My Wax Burner?

We have had several questions at markets recently in regards to what tea lights you should use so........

In regards to tea lights the only tea lights that you should use for your wax melt burner are the four hour ones.


Well unlike a candle where you are melting the wax and the fragrance together with a wax melt you are merely just burning the fragrance off. And so by using anything other than a four hour tea light you are just burning the fragrance off a lot quicker and so therefore not going to get your monies worth from your melts. With a four hour tea light not only are you going to ensure you get the most from your melts you are also keeping things safe as with using larger tea lights your are likely to over heat the wax and that is when the wax starts to spit and worse case scenario catch the wax and burner on fire. 

Many people have asked that if they use a larger tea light will they get a stronger scent?


Like mentioned before using a larger tea light just burns the scent from the wax quicker and so the only way to make the melts smell stronger is to add more wax melt, but ensuring that you do not over fill the well of your wax melter.

Can I use two tea lights?

Why would you want to? It all comes back round to you just burning the fragrance off the wax quicker.

So moral of the blog is - just use one four hour tea light nothing more and you should then get the best out of your wax melts.

We would also recommend reading safety instructions on your burner to double check the manufacturers recommendations on what tea lights to use for your particular burner as some smaller burners available only recommend a two hour tea light.

For any further questions feel free to contact us.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading.


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