Sandalwood and Iris Zen Incense Cones

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Sandalwood and Iris Zen Incense Cones

Zen Aromas incense is high quality, hand-blended, and rolled according to ancient Indian traditions. All pure, natural ingredients including aromatic herbs, wood gums, and essential oils.

Zen Aromas incense uses woods found mainly in the eastern belt of India and in southern countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, and Malaysia mixed with herbs and essential oils. The combinations are used to accentuate the natural fragrances.

Fragrance: Sandalwood and Iris

Contents: 30 Incense cones and holder.

Please Note - These incense cones are not suitable for use on backflow burners.

How to Use

Place the incense cone in the centre of the holder. Light the tip of the incense cone. When the tip starts glowing, blow gently to extinguish the flame. The fragrant smoke will give off a fragrance that will spread throughout the room in which you place it.

SAFETY NOTICE: Store and use out of reach of children and pets. Use away from flammable items. The room in which you use it should be open or well ventilated. Let the ashes cool completely before throwing them away.  Never leave incense burning unattended.



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